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Oxford Creativity's free webinars on TRIZ are popular with global audiences as they are fun, easy to understand and give a brief introduction to the TRIZ tools and processes. 

If you would like to run a webinar in-house, please get in touch.

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Fast-paced, fun "Introduction to TRIZ" and TRIZ Topic webinars give a brief introduction to the TRIZ tools and Processes for innovative problem solving.

Before attending a topic webinar, it would be beneficial to view our on-demand Quick Introduction to TRIZ - its Logic and Power video to give you a quick view of TRIZ and the tools and processes for innovative problem solving.

If you would like more information or would like this webinar delivered within your organisation, please contact us.

Webinars start at 10.30 or 2pm on a Friday, with a 30-45 minute presentation.  


We are continuously adding new topics to our weekly webinar series and would like to hear from YOU what topics you think would be interesting.

  • TRIZ for Dummies 
  • Fast Innovative Problem Solving with Oxford TRIZTM
  • Embed Innovation - in you, your team and your organisation - unique Oxford TRIZTM fast workshops
  • TRIZ for Software
  • Patents, IP & new products with Oxford TRIZTM
  • Business Problem Solving with Oxford TRIZ
  • Resolving conflicts and contradictions - the unique TRIZ toolkit
  • Boost Brain Power & Think Clearly with Oxford TRIZTM 
  • Products - Improved, New & Next Generation with unique TRIZ tools 
  • Sustainability - simple but powerful approaches with Oxford TRIZTM
  • Structured Innovation with Oxford TRIZTM - Tools, Processes and Culture 
  • Technology TRIZ for Scientists & Engineers 
  • Creativity and Generation of Concepts/Ideas with Oxford TRIZTM
  • Cost Control - Appropriate Avoidance, Reduction & Anticipation with Oxford TRIZTM 
  • Knowledge Sharing with Oxford TRIZTM 

  • Lean, Six Sigma & Systems Engineering - fill their gaps and enhance their power with Oxford TRIZTM 
  • Leadership, decisiveness & strategic thinking with Oxford TRIZTM 
  • TRIZ for Children 
  • TRIZ for Civil Engineers  
  • Impossible & unsolvable Problems? Try TRIZ
  • Oxford TRIZ enhancements for all other toolkits 
  • Beyond Root Cause Analysis with Oxford TRIZTM  
  • Solving Difficult Problems with TRIZ
  • Think Like a Genius: Tools for Clear, Creative Thinking
  • Innovative Thinking with TRIZ
  • Guaranteed Innovative Thinking with TRIZ
  • Innovation Processes need TRIZ
  • TRIZ and Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Culture with TRIZ
  • TRIZ for Business
  • Brainstorming needs TRIZ
  • TRIZ for Leadership
  • Top TRIZ Tips for Creative Managers / Leaders
  • Patent TRIZ: Enhancing Invention & Innovation
  • TRIZ and Other Toolkits: Filling the Gaps

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