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    Live Webinar:
    TRIZ & Root Cause Analysis & other toolkits

    Tuesday 19 November 2019,
    10.30am GMT

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    Live Webinar 


    30-45 minutes 

    Date and Location

    Tuesday 19 November 2019 
    10.30 am GMT 

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    Karen Gadd


    Live webinar topic:

    TRIZ & Root Cause Analysis 

    Find out what Oxford TRIZ adds to Root Cause Analysis and other toolkits

    Root Cause Toolkits are important in many industries for quality, reliability and predictability issues and for locating unexpected / mysterious variations or to explain rogue problems. RCA without TRIZ generally tracks causes or predicts problems or failures but does not solve problems – that is left to team wisdom, experience plus brainstorming which works much of the time. TRIZ takes us beyond brainstorming to the best answers .

    What does this webinar deliver?

    • A brief introduction to the TRIZ tools and Processes.
    • Shows how TRIZ offers logical and systematic routes to capture and map all knowledge about a problematic situation so we can understand what is really happening.
    • Explains how TRIZ helps us to move far beyond 'FISHBONE' or '5 Whys' or other RCA techniques
    • Describes how it helps us not only uncover single or multiple causes and their interactions, but shows us how to eliminate them quickly and in the most cost effective ways.
    • There will be plenty of time for Q & A about your own TRIZ journey

    Who should attend?

    • Anyone who needs to understand hidden or complex causes of problems
    • Other toolkit experts

    Each topic webinar runs for a total duration of 30-45 minutes. 

    Before attending the webinar, we advise viewing our Welcome to TRIZ video to give you a quick overview of TRIZ and the TRIZ tools and processes for innovative problem solving.

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