Fast and Simple innovation

Success with Oxford TRIZ only needs your teams + problem knowledge + pens and paper + maximum of 1-2 days.

Try TRIZ before investing in more complicated and expensive toolkits and software.

Oxford TRIZ offers simple but rigorous tools to resolve difficult, complex issues fast (even ‘unsolvable’ problems). 

We mobilise your teams' brain power and experience and make accessible all the power of TRIZ, including IP tools and the TRIZ unique solution toolkit.

TRIZ toolkits and how they compare with problem solving solution software

Just as children enjoy both books and play-stations - your teams will need Oxford TRIZ Problem Solving in addition to their other toolkits. 

TRIZ adds something extra and different, but the joy of TRIZ is its speed, logic and simplicity which means that teams can achieve great things and overcome many challenges whenever needed.

TRIZ toolkits your ONLY problem solving solutions

Ensure your teams succeed in 2018
with Oxford TRIZ for fast problem solving

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