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Successful problem solving by teams should not rely on luck or random brainstorming. Non-TRIZ toolkits and techniques offer many benefits, but no matter how much investment you make into other toolkits and training, none offer rapid routes to critical solutions for challenging problems. 

Only Oxford TRIZ vs Classical TRIZTM fills that gaping hole as proved by 20 years of fast problem-solving in blue-chip companies.

Your teams will unlock much more by using Oxford TRIZTM  Problem Solving in addition to their other toolkits.

Oxford TRIZTM offers simple but rigorous tools to resolve difficult, complex issues FAST. Oxford TRIZTM helps your teams to deliver innovative solutions, new products, and creative ideas through clear paths to clever thinking.

TRIZ toolkits and how they compare with problem solving solution software

Just as children enjoy both books and play-stations - your teams will need Oxford TRIZ Problem Solving in addition to their other toolkits.

Our Oxford TRIZTM workshops mobilise your teams' brain power and experience to achieve their full potential and map the best routes forward.

Success in problem-solving with Oxford TRIZTM only needs:

• Your experienced teams 
• Knowledge of the problem 
• A maximum of 1-3 days
• Two Oxford TRIZTM experts
• Oxford TRIZTM highly developed unique A0 worksheets for interactive exercises in learning and problem-solving.

Oxford TRIZTM adds something completely different with speed, logic and simplicity, which means that your teams can achieve great things and overcome many challenges whenever needed.

TRIZ toolkits your ONLY problem solving solutions

Ensure your Teams Success with Oxford TRIZTM Fast Problem Solving

Our proven experience and expertise in Oxford TRIZTM consistently delivers benefits in many critical areas of innovation. These include new products, patents, IP, culture change, team building and problem-solving.

Ensure your teams succeed with Oxford TRIZ for fast problem solving

TRIZ adds something extra and different, but the joy of TRIZ is its speed, logic and simplicity which means that teams can achieve great things and overcome many challenges whenever needed.

Try TRIZ before investing in more complicated and expensive toolkits and software.

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