Technical TRIZ Problem Solving 

Finding solutions to complex problems

Designed specifically for engineers, scientists and technical specialists, this 4-day course is the perfect springboard to get up and running with TRIZ quickly and effectively. 

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Course Overview


4-day Public Training Course


8 - 11 July 2024




£3,000 plus VAT (without accommodation)

£3,440 plus VAT (with accommodation)


Course Dates and
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What benefits does this course deliver?

  • Fast and cost effective problem solving for everyone, by learning to apply the Oxford TRIZ logical tools and step by step processes. TRIZ was made by engineers for engineers so although it has great relevance to technical teams it helps everyone efficiently tackle and resolve any challenge, including management, marketing, entrepreneurial and business. 
  • Effective Innovation and practical approaches to sustainability which become second nature with TRIZ competence.
  • Brain boost, clarity of understanding and idea generation with the TRIZ Creativity prompts.
  • Vision the future with TRIZ Trends of evolution and Thinking in Time & Scale.
  • Confidence & self-efficacy – the superior problem-solving skills of TRIZ experts was confirmed by five year Business School studies of Rolls-Royce and other companies.
  • Tackle the toughest problems – TRIZ connects your experience and knowledge with best practice – you learn to rapidly resolve even the most intractable problems.
Get up and running in 4 consecutive days – Monday to Thursday.

What makes the course effective?

Oxford Creativity’s courses are delivered by two Oxford TRIZ experts in open,
interactive workshops for groups of up to 12 delegates.

Unique collaborative assignments in small groups ensures more hands-on practice than listening. Oxford TRIZ learning exercises have been designed and developed during 25 years of TRIZ teaching to ensure everyone participates in ways suited to their learning style. This reinforces understanding and application of the powerful TRIZ tool and processes.

Said Business School (Egrove site) provides the perfect business venue set in 80 acres of parkland, with delicious, healthy meals and all the best facilities to provide a highly stimulating, immersive and enjoyable learning experience. Whenever possible we offer on-site accommodation (available at cost).

Time-efficient, effective learning - we aim to use the time well and also ensure that is enjoyable, participative and memorable. This rigorous and mind changing workshop aims to teach TRIZ in the minimum time with all content extended, hyperlinked and available from our eLearning course and famous TRIZ books (included in the cost). This enables delegates to revise all tools and when applying their TRIZ skills to their challenges, and to deepen their understanding and hone and improve their practical skills in the workplace and in their own time.

Course Materials

  • Printed versions of our unique Oxford TRIZ  materials - Guide to Standard Solutions, Guide to Solving Contradictions, Contradictions Matrix, TRIZ 40 Principles (both for technical and business problems), the 8 Trends of Evolution.
  • eLearning course of 7 modules with cartoon rich videos and set assignments.
  • A complimentary copy of TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving’ by Karen Gadd (RRP £55).


On completion of this training, you will receive 28 hours CPD and our certificate stating you have achieved TRIZ Level 1.

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Who should book?

  • Engineers, R&D professionals, product designers, and managers involved in product development or complex problem solving.
  • All from companies that want to accelerate problem solving and streamline the innovation process.

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