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    Developing Products & Patents with TRIZ

    Structured Innovation

    By the end of this workshop, you will have a TRIZ path to develop your inventions in a systematic way. TRIZ will help you to learn to predict how inventions are likely to evolve, enabling you to develop a strong patent portfolio of your own inventions, and leapfrog or ring-fence your competitors’ patents.

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    Course Overview


    3-day Public Training Course



    Egrove Park, Saїd Business School, Oxford, UK


    £ 1,800 (net VAT)

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    Learning Experience

    What benefits does this course deliver?

    • Learn an overview of: the TRIZ tools, the TRIZ problem solving process, and the fundamentals of creative problem solving and innovative thinking.
    • Learn and use the TRIZ tools for developing systems and intellectual property protection (the TRIZ Trends of Technical Evolution) and for understanding and mapping problems and solutions (9 boxes).
    • Ability to systematically create novel concepts to make strong patents
    • How to generate more ideas to broaden patents, protecting your products' future development
    • Learn to identify new invention opportunities
    • How to Ring-fence patents (your own or your competitors!)
    • Leapfrog existing patents to develop the next generation
    • Circumvention of your competitors' patents to get freedom to operate (without involving lawyers)
    • How to quickly read and understand patents

    Course Materials

    • Printed versions of the key TRIZ  materials - Contradictions Matrix, TRIZ 40 Principles (both for technical and business problems), the 8 Trends of Evolution
    • A complimentary copy of 'TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving’ by Karen Gadd (RRP £48.55)

    What makes the course effective?

    • Oxford Creativity’s courses are delivered by two TRIZ experts in open, interactive workshops for groups of up to 12 delegates.
    • These use unique collaborative, hands-on exercises specifically designed over 20 years to re-inforce learning of the TRIZ tools and problem solving skills.
    • This workshop includes full content of the one-day Fast Track Introduction to TRIZ and the 2-day Patent Development with TRIZ course in 3 consecutive days – Monday to Wednesday. This format provides a highly stimulating, immersive and enjoyable learning experience.
    • Benefiting from the full ‘Oxford Creativity Learning Experience - click link panel on left


    On completion of this training, you will receive our certificate attaining TRIZ Champion level and 21 hours CPD.


    Who should book?

    • Product designers, engineers, R&D professionals and managers involved in product development or complex problem solving
    • IP managers and those responsible for IP protection and due diligence
    • Those responsible for delivering Continuous Improvement, who are looking for a structured approach to developing improvement ideas 
    • Anyone with a problem they haven’t satisfactorily resolved
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    In June 2017 my company submitted two related patent applications for a couple of my inventions.  In December we received the search reports which I reviewed and in doing so, identified some fairly minor changes to the applications.  I was due to provide updated applications into our IP people but held off until I had been on last week's workshop.  And I am glad I did.
    I applied some of the learning from last week and I suddenly had a great deal more clarity over my own inventions.  I also identified some important extensions which could be included.

    I have now updated the applications and sent them to my IP people...they are now much stronger applications.

    All down to the Patenting with TRIZ course.

    Delegate, FTSE 100 aerospace company
    Patent training course: March 2018

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