Bev Morgan

Digital Marketing  


Bev is proud to use skills learned the many industries she has worked in to fulfil all roles of her life-career.

She loves working with the Oxford Creativity teams to ensure all information is passed on to current and prospective clients on the amazing skill that is TRIZ. 

Also, she thrives on using social streams and doing website updates, sending out ideas and information to keep the TRIZ community buzzing with finding new solutions for sticky problems.

Fact File

When did you join the Oxford Creativity team

January 2015

What year was your photo taken

February 2019

Before Oxford Creativity...

Jill-of-all-trades! Comfortable behind a computer as well as in front of one. Banking; Events; Webmaster; Social marketing; Travel; Advertising and many more.

What are you most proud of

Revamp of website in 2016 from old iframes to new 9-box TRIZ format. Taking OC from zero to beyond on social media.

What your Oxford Creativity work involves

Website, webinars, social sharing, marketing – love all aspects – am happy in and out from behind my computer.

What are you currently focussing on with Oxford Creativity

Hubspot social engagement; weekly social interaction; and managing Webinars.

Please reflect on your role

Enjoyed re-vamping website with new portal and taking old information to new life.

Home and Hobbies

Walking. Travel. Reading. parkrun.


Travel. New experiences.


Snobs. People who don’t like animals.

Everyone at Oxford Creativity will always remember that...

I can’t punt!

Job or role title

Marketing, Social and Website administrator

Contact details

   +44 (0)1993 882461