TRIZ Problem Solving

Fast, Efficient and above all, Effective


Oxford TRIZ Problem Solving Workshops are fast paced, efficient and inclusive so that all your participants are actively involved throughout.

One important element of the Oxford TRIZ Workshops is the Ideality Audit which helps everyone involved understand what we want, what we intend to deliver and how we can use the TRIZ tools to find appropriate solutions.  We begin by defining where we are and where we want to be by the end of the project.

Sample Agenda

Before the workshop

Conference calls to achieve problem understanding. In order to ensure maximum efficiency of the problem solving days the Oxford TRIZ experts will need to briefed on the problem. Initially the problem owners will be required to fill out the Oxford TRIZ Problem form to provide as many details about the problem as will be helpful for clear problem understanding. Conference calls between the problem owners and the Oxford TRIZ team will aim to deliver sufficient understanding so we can hit the ground running on the first morning of the workshop. 

On the day

The aim is for the workshop for everyone to remain energised and engaged whenever possible. TRIZ Problem Solving tends to keep (tedious) detail in its place (but it is available when required) and to keep moving forward to generate as many useful solutions as possible.

The Oxford TRIZ team will begin by using the logical TRIZ Tools and processes to analyse the problem and capture all the initial solutions which your team (and/or competitors) will have already generated. These initial solutions are the starting point for our problem solving. Normally all solutions already thought of have something ‘good’ about them as well as something ‘bad’. TRIZ enables us to look at the whole range of solutions to retain or enhance all the ‘good’ things whilst at the same time eliminating (or, at least, reducing) the ‘bad’ by solving contradictions, and dealing with any harm and insufficiency contained in each solution. Together we will explore the TRIZ approaches to transform ‘bad’ solutions into ‘good’ solutions. This will involve active participation of all your team and their particular knowledge of the problem. This process generates a comprehensive range of solutions to the problem.

Problem Solving Steps & Oxford TRIZ Tools: 

  • Oxford TRIZ Culture for successful workshops plus Bad Solution Parks
  • Thinking in Time & Scale for context & clear understanding
  • Ideal Outcome for scoping requirements
  • Ideality Audit
  • Uncovering & Solving Contradictions- for sharing ideas
  • Oxford TRIZ Function Maps of Systems to see problems ‘at a glance’
  • Revealed Problem List
  • Oxford Standard Solutions for Solving the highlighted problems
  • Cost Savings by mobilising Resources
  • Creativity Tools for generating ideas & effective brainstorming
  • TRIZ Trends of Technical Evolution for future products and IP
  • Ideality Plot for selecting the best solutions to take forward

Oxford TRIZ Worksheets: 

One unique feature of Oxford TRIZ Problem solving sessions is the use of pre-prepared supersize (A0) sheets which will be used to capture information and ideas, and to lead participants through all the TRIZ solution options.

The sessions will regularly break into smaller work groups of 3 or 4 people who will complete these sheets adding their experience and knowledge to the TRIZ process. This ensures that everybody contributes and is fully involved and that all the ideas and solutions of all the participants are encouraged, captured and documented.

Oxford TRIZ Problem Solving Experts:

Oxford Creativity will facilitate the workshop to ensure:

  • Everyone understands the Big Picture and Context of the problem
    • The aims are agreed to, documented, and understood
    • Everyone understands the aims, progress and achievements of the sessions
  • Everyone participates and is fully involved
    • There is a free exchange of ideas
    • The sessions work with everyone together and regularly break into smaller groups
  • Innovation and Creativity flourishes
    • Simple rules are applied to ensure and encourage innovative behaviours
  • Positive and Effective Attitudes are encouraged
    • Systematic methods ensure that participants get the most out of valuable problem solving time
  • Everyone enjoys the problem solving session
    • Detail is kept in its appropriate context (given precedence only when needed)
  • Systematic and Auditable Innovation is achieved
    • Everything is documented and that there is an audit trail from problem understanding, to all options gathered throughout the session to selected solutions
  • Fast Innovation is achieved

After the workshop

The Oxford TRIZ team will deliver a succinct Technical Report detailing all the processes followed and the results obtained from each session. It will also summarise the solutions selected to be further developed (we offer a follow up workshop for this if required). This is useful for demonstrating that a systematic (and repeatable) process has been followed, as well as capturing the results of the session, and providing a strong starting point for the next session.



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