Patent Development with TRIZ

Enhancing Invention and Innovation



Creative team building is central to all our workshops and our training days are designed to make maximum use of the time available and are rigorous, interactive and challenging. Each workshop lasts up to 8 hours and a substantial part of each day is taken up with learning exercises.   

Day 1: Patent Strategy & Creating Strong Patents

Coffee: 8.30am
Start: 9am
Finish: 5pm

An introduction to how TRIZ thinking and the TRIZ tools can help us think clearly, and a senior attorney explains how to develop an intelligent patent strategy.

  • The Ideal Outcome is used to uncover and identify all unmet needs for a new invention
  • Thinking in Time & Scale is used to chart the past, present and future of our inventions: helping us uncover future opportunities for and threats to our intellectual property.
  • See how the TRIZ tools for understanding and solving contradictions help us understand patents and see new opportunities for creating clever inventions
  • View how the Effects database can help us develop new inventions using proven technology 

Day 2: Understanding & Circumventing Existing Patents

Coffee: 8.30am
Start: 9am
Finish: 4pm

Attorneys take us through how to understand patents and assess the inventive step. 

  • TRIZ Function Analysis -  the most powerful tool for analysing a patent
  • Trimming Rules -  how to circumvent or leapfrog a patent by systematically applying these
  • The TRIZ Trends of Technical Evolution  - apply these to develop inventions to their next generation, allowing us to leapfrog competing technologies, or ring-fence our own

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