Developing Products and Patents with TRIZ

TRIZ is unique in that it is based upon patent analysis. Enhancing invention and innovation,  TRIZ Tools are perfectly suited to circumvent and strengthen patents.

TRIZ provides a clear method of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of current products (yours and the competition!)

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Patent TRIZ - public workshop intellectual property programme

Enhancing Invention and Innovation

An exciting, informative and invaluable workshop that will give inventors, engineers, scientists and patent professionals the tools with which to derive greater value from intellectual property.

Oxford Creativity has extensive experience in delivering training and innovation workshops to both solve complex technical problems and to develop Intellectual Property with our clients.

TRIZ is the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving. TRIZ provides the tools for productive creative thinking to drive systematic innovation.

Benefits of the TRIZ Approach

TRIZ is the ideal toolkit for developing or circumventing patents. TRIZ provides a clear method of identifying the strengths and weaknesses of current products (yours and the competition!).

TRIZ will give you a path to develop your inventions in a systematic way. TRIZ will help you to learn to predict how inventions are likely to evolve, enabling you to develop a strong patent portfolio of your own inventions, and leapfrog or ring-fence your competitors’ patents.

TRIZ is unique in that it is based upon patent analysis. The TRIZ Tools are perfectly suited to circumvent and strengthen patents.

Many innovation-driven businesses use TRIZ to develop and protect their Intellectual Property because it generates both incremental and revolutionary improvements on their inventions.

learn to:

  • Systematically create novel concepts to make strong patents
  • Generate more ideas to broaden patents, protecting your products' future development 
  • Identify new invention opportunities 
  • Ring-fence patents (your own or your competitors'!)
  • Leapfrog existing patents to develop the next generation 
  • Circumvent your competitors' patents to get freedom to operate (without involving lawyers) 
  • Quickly read and understand patents

Workshop Contents

 Day 1: Introduction to TRIZ

An introduction to and overview of the TRIZ tools and processes, the TRIZ problem solving process and the fundamentals of creative problem solving and innovative thinking. You learn and use the TRIZ tools for developing systems and intellectual property protection (the TRIZ Trends of Technical Evolution) and for understanding and mapping problems and solutions (9 boxes).

Oxford TRIZ Patent TRIZ Re-inventing the wheel

Day 2: Patent Strategy and Creating Strong Patents

An introduction to how TRIZ thinking and the TRIZ tools can help us think clearly, and a senior attorney explains how to develop an intelligent patent strategy. The Ideal Outcome is used to uncover and identify all unmet needs for a new invention, and Thinking in Time and Scale is used to chart the past, present and future of our inventions: helping us uncover future opportunities for and threats to our intellectual property. We understand how the TRIZ tools for understanding and solving Contradictions help us understand patents and see new opportunities for creating clever inventions, and the Effects database can help us develop new inventions using proven technology.

Oxford TRIZ Patent TRIZ Re-inventing the wheel

Day 3: Understanding and Circumventing Existing Patents

Attorneys take us through how to understand patents and assess the inventive step. The most powerful tool for analysing a patent - TRIZ Function Analysis - is introduced, and we learn how to circumvent or leapfrog a patent by systematically applying the Trimming Rules. We apply the TRIZ Trends of Technical Evolution to develop inventions to their next generation, allowing us to leapfrog competing technologies, or ring-fence our own.

Oxford TRIZ Patent TRIZ - why re-invent the wheel?

Oxford Creativity has been delivering systematic innovation for over 19 years. Our most successful innovation work is facilitating innovation workshops for our clients, particularly involving intellectual property. The TRIZ Toolkit will allow you to protect your existing Intellectual Property, ring fence your competitors, and create a coherent patent strategy that will allow you to lead the market for years to come.

As this an advanced level TRIZ workshop, the first day is a 1 Day Introduction to TRIZ workshop: experienced TRIZ users and graduates of Oxford Creativity TRIZ workshops may apply just for Days 2 and 3. Places on the first day may also be booked for senior managers or team members separately. 

TRIZ helps me to look in more areas of the solution space, areas that I may not have considered otherwise. This increases the likelihood of generating strong patentable ideas.”

Robin Kennea
                   Systems Design & Integration | Defence Aerospace | Rolls-Royce Plc


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