Innovation and Creativity

Boost brain power & think clearly

About our Innovation tools

TRIZ Innovation  is something new, powerful and completely different for meeting your needs in clever, creative, cost effective, pragmatic ways. 

Innovation and Creativity in individuals and teams is often elusive except with Oxford Creativity's unique range of innovation tools including our Oxford TRIZkits. Team interaction and a combination of ideas is guaranteed with our supersize (A0) Creativity sheets. We'll show your team how to put into practice the best tools and behaviours to encourage innovation and creativity in themselves and others. 

Oxford Creativity take you beyond brainstorming and into a world of Structured Innovation. You’ll need brain power, but our tools are easy to learn, and fast to apply to the challenges you face.

TRIZkits for Innovation and Creativity

All of our TRIZkits are available to book as workshops in several bite-size chunks or full-day programmes.

TRIZ Innovation boosts and helps everyone, it’s a great resource at all levels:

  • Individuals
  • Teams
  • Organisations

TRIZ helps you to see beyond your knowledge and experience, and instead – access the world’s knowledge. It’s bigger than it looks.

Knowledge Sharing

This TRIZkit is designed to help all participants understand, capture, celebrate and share one person’s experience and expertise. It is particularly effective for capturing the experience of leaving staff so that a record can be made and tasks allocated to their team and successors.

Think Like a Genius

This TRIZkit uses our signature 'TRIZ for Dummies' knowledge to teach how the powerful Oxford TRIZ fast thinking tools and systematic processes can help you adopt genius behaviours. You'll learn how to quickly and correctly identify want you want, how best to get it, and how to map new routes forward.

Delivering Innovation - Customised TRIZkits

We can bring Innovation skills to your team through teaching a range of Oxford TRIZkits that will ignite creativity and deliver the results you want. We'll work with you to focus on the areas where you want success.  TRIZkits can give you the versatility you need.