Knowledge Sharing

Understand, record, celebrate and share



Advance pre-session

One of our TRIZ Experts will make contact with the key person (or people). Each 'Sage' may initially feel a bit anxious about what is expected, and this session will alleviate any anxiety and give confidence that this will be useful and enjoyable. The TRIZ expert will run through the process in advance to highlight areas or stories that would usefully be expanded upon.

One the day

Example Agenda for a 4-hour (1/2 day) workshop:. 

  • A brief introduction to all present. [15 mins]
  • Setting up a ‘bad solution park’ of potential ’knowledge improvement initiatives’
  • Instructions as to how to capture insights/questions/items of interest as they arise
  • Future Backwards, taking as much time as we can going through key projects, decision points, knowledge-based events. [60 – 90 mins]
  • Ask participants to highlight the events that they would most like to be expanded as a ‘story’
  • Mapping of ‘leaver’ against all the individuals and communities they share knowledge with as an Oxford TRIZ Function Map. [20 – 40 mins]
  • Anecdote Circle working though the selected ‘stories’ and any others of interest. [40 – 60 mins]
  • A period of reflection, making sense of the material and what has been shared [30 - 40 mins]
  • Thoughts about next steps [10 mins]
  • Labelling and capture of all outputs [15 mins]
  • Summary and close

After the day

Material from the day will be captured and put into a draft report, which will include photographs. We will work with a nominated liaison at your organisation who will gain permissions, sense check, label and curate all the outputs into a best form for publication, storage, retrieval and sharing.

What we will need

  • Oxford Creativity will bring all course materials, and additional items such as pens and post-it notes
  • We will need wall space, and/or lots of table space and flip-charts
  • We highly recommend photographing all the outputs, so we will ask all participants for their permission to be included images taken at the event.


Register your interest here and we will contact you to discuss your requirements