triz for dummies

Are you new to TRIZ and looking for an easy-to-follow guide on how you can use it to enhance your company's creativity, innovation and problem-solving abilities?

Look no further!  Written in plain English, Lilly Haines-Gadd's book, 'TRIZ for Dummies' shows how to use this powerful toolkit to discover all the ways of solving problems, uncover new concepts and identify previously unseen routes for new product development. 

TRIZ for Engineers by Karen Gadd

Use TRIZ to unlock creative problem solving

Companies looking for creativity, innovation and problem-solving need TRIZ – they just don’t know it yet. Developed from analysis from successful patents, TRIZ has been applied within major organisations such as Rolls-Royce, BAE SYSTEMS, Highways England, Sanofi, the IET, Oxford University, Airbus and more to solve their most difficult and complex problems. Having proved itself within engineering, TRIZ is now available for all kinds of problem solving – management, science, medicine, transport, academia and more.

An international science that relies on the study of patterns in problems and solutions, TRIZ offers a powerful problem-solving and creativity-generating solution for companies looking to promote innovation, especially in the face of having to do more with less.

Inside, you'll find out how to successfully apply this problem-solving toolkit to benefit from the experience of the whole world—not just the spontaneous and occasional creativity of individuals or groups of engineers with an organisation.

  • Learn to think like a genius with TRIZ
  • Discover the benefits of TRIZ as a tool for businesses
  • Find fun and simple exercises for putting TRIZ into practice
  • Benefit from industry examples of where TRIZ has worked — and how

With the help of TRIZ For Dummies, you'll get the skills needed to see the wood for the trees and solve complex problems with creativity, ingenuity and innovation.

View excerpt of Chapter 1 and Contents at a Glance by clicking on the thumbnail images, or view Cheat Sheets on website.

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    Probably one of the best books for TRIZ beginners 
    This book is written in a very funny way that makes it really easy to understand all the power of TRIZ and the possibilities you get using it." Germany - 29 April 2016

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    TRIZ for Dummies Lilly Haines-Gadd ISBN: 978-1-119-10747-7
    TRIZ for Engineers - Karen Gadd.  Turning Good engineers into Great engineers
    TRIZ für Ingenieure Theorie und Praxis des erfinderischen Problemlösens
    TRIZ for Engineers - Korean translation - Karen Gadd

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