Problem Solving Facilitation

Embed TRIZ Learning.

Understand Problems.

Solve Problems.

Sample Agendas

The  most popular and effective programmes are when our clients choose to combine two consecutive elements:

  • In-house Oxford TRIZ learning workshops
    • These can be booked in one, 2 or 3 days units either online or in person
  • A one or two day Problem Solving workshop tailored to fit your needs
    • We can tackle broad conceptual solutions, identifying subject areas for more detailed work
    • Or, we can focus in more detail on a specific product area, with the intention of developing a handful of practical ideas to take forward to modelling and testing
The tools learned in the Oxford TRIZ learning workshops will be fresh in the minds of your team, who will use their own knowledge and the unique capability of TRIZ to find the best solutions to take forward.

The most effective & popular Problem Facilitation Workshops are:

  • 2 days Oxford TRIZ learning workshops a plus one-day Problem Solving workshop
  • 3 days  Oxford TRIZ learning workshops plus a 2-day Problem Solving workshop

In-house Oxford TRIZ learning - Sample Agenda

Our training day workshops consist of a series of modules each with interactive exercises and case studies to illustrate and practice the TRIZ tools taught in each session. Clear and substantial materials are provided which aid understanding and learning both at the time, and later when TRIZ tools are being used on real problems.

Problem Solving workshop - Sample Agenda

This will be fast paced, efficient and inclusive so that all your participants are actively involved throughout. The scope of the problems to be tackled will be defined understood and agreed between you and Oxford Creativity and and we offer guidance to help select the right problems.

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