TRIZ: Turns Good Engineers
into Great Engineers
Oxford Creativity will show you how to be innovative and solve your problems systematically with TRIZ. We will help you nurture, develop and sustain a culture of creative innovation with your organisation.
TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) was created by engineers, for engineers (so we can be confident that it works) and it works for everyone. TRIZ is a problem solving toolkit; the principal TRIZ tools direct us to find all the ways of solving a problem, to find new concepts and the routes for developing new products. TRIZ offers systematic innovation; by learning TRIZ and following its rules we can accelerate creative problem solving for both individuals and project teams.
Oxford TRIZ - webinars, workshops & problem solving

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'TRIZ for Children' webinar

Our 'TRIZ for Children' webinar scheduled for 26th June has had to be postponed, and a new date will be published soon.

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Oxford Creativity offer a series of free webinars designed to give everyone the opportunity to learn more about TRIZ from the comfort of their desk.

Please contact us if you would like more information or would like this webinar delivered within your organisation.

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Patent TRIZ: Enhancing Invention and Innovation

Blocked by a competitor's patent? Need innovative new product concepts to create strong patents? Learn TRIZ for Patents: Enhancing Invention and Innovation.

Oxford Creativity has been helping companies to develop new products and extend Intellectual Property (IP) with TRIZ for over 16 years. We have developed OXFORD TRIZ which is a fast, logical, practical, easy to apply version of TRIZ which concentrates on delivering problem understanding & solving, innovation and product development. Within TRIZ are ideal tools for:

· Developing inventive concepts that can create strong patents

· Charting new product areas of strategic value

· Development and strengthening of patents

· Extension of current and future patents for wider applications

· Circumventing or leapfrogging existing patents

We have created a fast-paced, interactive workshop where engineers, inventors, IP engineers and patent attorneys can learn the most powerful and useful TRIZ tools for tackling intellectual property. This 3 day workshop is offered in conjunction with Dehns, one the largest patent and trade mark attorney firms in Europe.

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Innovation Taster Sessions - Summer Offer!

Oxford Creativity are offering a special summer offer on in-house Innovation Taster Sessions.

These fast-paced 4 hour workshops give your teams hands-on experience and everyone will leave with new innovation skills they have already put into practice.

Get all the things you want...with no downsides...with TRIZ!

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MATRIZ Level 2

The next opportunity to attend the our Level 2 MATRIZ workshop is on the 29 June - 3 July 2015 at Oxford University. 

Level 2 MATRIZ International Certification Workshop

Learn advanced TRIZ tools and techniques from Dr Sergei Ikovenko in the stunning setting of Oxford University.

The workshop will be held on 29 June - 3 July, and there will be several workshop dinners and a tour of central Oxford as part of the workshop.

For full details of the workshop content, click here.

Our booking form can be found here.

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TRIZ Workshops in Warsaw - June 2015

Oxford Creativity is happy to announce their participation in the TRIZ conference to be held in Warsaw, Poland on 11 June 2015, hosted by ODiTK (

Featuring an awareness and introduction session, presentation of papers and case studies.

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TRIZ Webinars: Have Your Say

TRIZ In Your Pyjamas

Oxford Creativity's free webinars on TRIZ are popular with global audiences as they are fun, easy to understand and interactive.

We are continuously adding new topics to our weekly webinar series and would like to hear from YOU what topics you think would be interesting.

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Innovation without TRIZ is like a sea voyage without a compass - K Gadd Conference paper

Unaided by TRIZ it can and does work, if we’re lucky, but why would we risk it?

Karen Gadd - Oxford Creativity

Karen Gadd was a keynote speaker at the 2015 Innova-Con (USA Innovation Conference) and TRIZ Con, Altshuller Institute’s annual gathering in February.

This paper examines how TRIZ completes all other innovation toolkits - filling in their gaps, complementing their power and efficacy to deliver a complete and effective toolkit.  It offers a pragmatic view of how simple and straightforward it is to achieve TRIZ Innovation. The conclusions drawn are from 15 years of practitioner experience working with teams in global companies successfully implementing Oxford TRIZ in industry.

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Oxford TRIZ: Clever Mini Solutions to Beat Monster Problems

Oxford TRIZ arms your teams with all the clever, simple, low-cost solutions they need to beat MONSTER problems...the big, apparently unbeatable problems that are casting shadows over your future progress.

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From Russia with TRIZ - Oxford Times

Maggie Hartford, Business Reporter and Books Editor from Oxford Times, speaks to Karen Gadd from Oxford Creativity on TRIZ.

"An acronym of its Russian title, Teoriya Resheniya Izobretatelskikh Zadatch, TRIZ is said to encapsulate the science of creativity. And it is not based on a Eureka moment, but on a systematic trawl through existing knowledge." 

Karen Gadd, Oxford Creativity on TRIZ

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