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... show you how to be innovative and solve your problems systematically with TRIZ.

... help you nurture, develop and sustain a culture of creative innovation with your organisation.

What Oxford Creativity and TRIZ can do for you and your organisation

nurture, develop and sustain a culture of creative innovation

The future belongs to those companies that can adapt rapidly, with effective and practical changes to the products or services they offer and in the way they do business. We can help you make use of your company's greatest assets: the knowledge, expertise and latent creativity of your employees. We do this in ways that encourage an open, cooperative and multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving and innovation.

Many organisations do not encourage creativity because it is perceived as synonymous with risk: however creativity is a necessity, not an option. Practical innovation should be embraced and integrated into the organisation's processes and culture. We offer auditable, repeatable, low risk, justifiable innovation to solve your problems.

why using TRIZ can help with R&D: new products and creative innovation

We can help you build and strengthen the creative power of your organisation. We work at organisational, team and individual level to achieve this. Innovation and creativity at team and individual level can be enormously enhanced through the effective use of TRIZ, a proven technique for systematic problem solving that was originally developed in the former Soviet Union and has been extensively used and researched for over 50 years.

TRIZ comes from analysis of the entire patent database to give powerful solution tools. TRIZ also offers systematic creativity tools and techniques which help you understand what you want, and what you've got and how to close the gap between them.

  • Analysis of patent databases has shown that a finite and limited number of inventive principles appear again and again.
  • Good innovative solutions resolve one or more 'contradictions' in the problem that they solve. TRIZ enables us to identify these contradictions and provides tools and techniques to resolve them.
  • There are a finite number of basic trends which govern all technical evolution - knowledge of these trends allows us to predict the future.
  • TRIZ will help you solve problems faster, better and more reliably.

We teach TRIZ in public workshops and in-house at your business or venue. View Facilitating TRIZ for more information or Events for dates and details on workshops and webinars. 

Contact Karen Gadd and her TRIZ team  and see how Oxford TRIZ can help you create an innovation culture throughout your organisation.

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