Fast Track Problem Solving & Structured Innovation with TRIZ for Civil Engineers

ENGINEERS of All ages & levels .....

Learn the main TRIZ tools for logical problem solving, resolving contradictions and conflicts, mapping future trends and technologies, understanding problem and solution context in time and scale and tools for cost reduction and elegant clever solutions.

This TRIZ workshop was developed for Engineers of all ages and levels of experience who are facing difficult challenges with tight timescales and budgets; it helps all members of engineering teams work together.  

This one day workshop will be presented by Karen Gadd.  Learn more with TRIZ:

  • Innovative Thinking - Beyond Brainstorming
  • Accessing the World’s Knowledge & the History of TRIZ
  • Logical Problem Solving & Ideal, cost effective solutions
  • Uncovering & Resolving Contradictions
  • Time & Scale Thinking
  • Redesign Formula One for greater safety
  • Trajectory to the future with TRIZ Trends of Technical evolution
  • Fast Function Thinking - problem solving in disasters
  • Clever cost reduction with TRIZ Trimming
  • Solving real problems
Engineers have more fun!


ICE Training is the training arm of the Institution of Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE), and forms a significant part of ICE's knowledge offering to its members and non-members alike. The values that lie at the heart of our work reflect those of ICE.

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Thousands of engineers and scientists have learned TRIZ from Karen and her Oxford Creativity colleagues in the last seventeen years.  Karen is the founder of Oxford Creativity as well as teaching TRIZ in companies such as ABB, Airbus, BAE Systems, Bentley, Borealis, BNFL and many more.  Karen has selected and trained all the Oxford Creativity workshop leaders and developed all the Oxford Creativity materials.

Karen Gadd presents TRIZ workshops

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