What do Altshuller & Mozart have in common?

Posted on February 11, 2016
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What do Altshuller and Mozart have in common?

They both used their talent and courage to enable Knowledge Sharing to all humankind – especially the sharing of work of other geniuses.

A call to the world’s geniuses to mobilise TRIZ to destroy the monopoly and restriction of global organisations who seek to own and exploit for their own ends knowledge and resources which should be shared by everyone.

Last night in the Cathedral in Oxford the choir sang Allegri’s Miserere – this beautiful and universally loved music remained a Vatican secret for almost 150 years. When Allegri wrote this masterpiece its immediate impact and popularity made the Pope refuse to share it or allow anyone to hear it except in the Sistine Chapel at Easter (excommunication for anyone caught transcribing it). That was until a child genius with courage and talent was able to bring it to the rest of the world – and for a Catholic risking excommunication and papal wrath in the eighteenth century it was a brave and formidable act.

Mozart was 14 in 1770 and arrived in Rome at Easter in time to hear its only two performances of that year– and after hearing the beautiful music performed by two four-part choirs and lasting about 20 minutes Mozart went away and wrote out the entire piece from memory. He returned two days later on Good Friday and listened for the second time and made some small corrections. When this became known Mozart was summoned to Rome some months later by Pope Clement XIV, who instead of the punishment rewarded him with praise for his extraordinary talent and gave him the medal of Chivalric Order of the Golden Spur.

Altshuller vs Mozart TRIZ genius

Mozart then published and shared this beautiful music and sometime during his travels that year, he gave it to the great British musician Charles Burney who took it to England – where it was performed in the Chapels and Cathedrals by our greatest choirs - creating a tradition which has never faltered since then. Allegri’s genius was made available for everyone to enjoy by Mozart who with courage and talent destroyed the Pope’s monopoly and restriction.  

We face a world where it is not Popes, Kings, state power or Governments who threaten knowledge sharing, but global companies who demonstrate daily that they regard themselves above law, paying taxes etc. – and they will own and control what they choose. This  growing power of global companies to withhold, create and give human creativity and knowledge is uncontrolled and enables them to own the output of human genius in the all areas where they choose. This is creating huge knowledge control in areas like charitable enterprise (Bill Gates Foundation) to ownership of the intellectual property which is straying into medicine, crops and human fertility. Uncontrolled power in these areas will create a new form of patronage and ownership of talent which will be hard to challenge even by the most courageous.

Like Mozart, Altshuller - founder of TRIZ - used his charisma, courage and genius to help him take on the might of the Russian state and Stalin to empower Russian engineers and scientists to harness the genius of humankind.  TRIZ enables those with the right brainpower and courage to challenge the colonialization of human creativity. TRIZ fosters, multiplies and strengthens the individual genius in everyone and obviously its greatest effect is on those with the greatest talent and cleverness.  Altshuller suffered incarceration in a Gulag when he created TRIZ which distils the genius of patents and inventions to just 100 answers to everything.  This accurate and effective categorization of knowledge takes away the power of intellectual ownership – showing us how to logically destroy ownership of particular knowledge by seeing its relationship to wider knowledge. Thus TRIZ enables anyone to take on the power being ruthlessly pursued by global Organisations – where in places like the USA aided by their patriotic patent system. TRIZ has enabled Samsung to challenge Apple in this very arena.


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