Formula 1 technology monitors children in hospital

Posted on July 30, 2013
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Formula 1 Technology monitors children in hospital

An interesting article in the BBC Birmingham hospital uses Formula 1 techthis morning highlighted how technology is being adapted to different fields.

Telemetric data from cars is being continuously recorded and fed back to the F1 team, allowing them to monitor the levels of tyre temperature, engine output, suspension, braking and any other part of the car that needs to be watched. This information then allows the team to make adjustments to the car before races and refine the performance of the car over the season.

The technology that supports this has now been adapted to the field of health care, with Birmingham Children’s Hospital using it to monitor children in intensive care. Hospitals can keep an eye on a number of results, including blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature and heart rate, and respond faster if a change in these is noted. The aim is that this information will be sent wirelessly, reducing the cost and speeding up the process.

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Prism of TRIZ

This new collaboration has got off to a strong start and hopefully we will be seeing this in hospitals more and more into the future. What other areas could telemetrics be expanded to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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