Why use TRIZ?

When you need clever solutions to difficult problems – fast – you need TRIZ.

TRIZ gives you systematic and reliable methods to both understand your problem and generate innovative solutions.  The TRIZ tools make the best use of the brain power, creativity and experience of both individuals and teams, and supercharges everyone’s thinking.

I use TRIZ because

TRIZ uses the world’s knowledge

Brainstorming and other techniques randomly help you unlock the knowledge in the room: TRIZ helps you systematically unlock your own knowledge and unlocks the world’s knowledge.

TRIZ is systematic and repeatable

During problem solving sessions, you may uncover some great solutions without using TRIZ. Using TRIZ will not only uncover all the solutions you would have found anyway, but many more, and will ensure that no solutions are missed. You will always come out of a problem solving session with several workable solutions.

brainstorming with TRIZ


So we know they work – there is less risk involved in using an existing technology or technique in a new field than developing your own custom-made solution.


We show you the principal TRIZ tools, but you don’t have to use them all. Everyone finds tools that they prefer, and then stick to the tools that work best for them: you don’t have to bend your way of thinking and working around an inflexible toolkit.

brainstorming session with TRIZ

It’s quick

Like any new skill you have to practice, and at first you may go slow. However, once you’ve become familiar with the tools, you will start using them automatically and problem solving will become quicker and more effective.

It can be used in groups

Having one or two TRIZ trained people in a large group can facilitate incredibly effective, structured brainstorming sessions, because they can focus the group’s attention on a few key areas that they know will lead to good solutions.

It’s not just for engineers

The principles of TRIZ apply to any problems, or situations that need more innovation and creativity, and have been used to great success to solve management problems.

It makes everybody creative

TRIZ helps naturally creative people come up with more ideas, but it works even more dramatically on people who don't regard themselves as naturally creative. Everyone's creativity is improved.

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