Oxford TRIZ

Oxford TRIZ and Classical TRIZ complete all other approaches both management and technical - filling in their innovation and problem solving gaps, complementing their power and efficacy to deliver a complete and effective capability.

Oxford TRIZ is simpler, faster to learn and easier to apply, with step-by-step processes.

Classic TRIZ vs Oxford TRIZ

oxford triz: simple & systematic for innovation & problem solving

Although Oxford TRIZ is true to Classical TRIZ (neither adding nor removing anything) it delivers even more powerful results and a completely different and enjoyable experience.   It is simpler, faster to learn and easier to apply, with step by step processes (explicit explanations of the TRIZ logic) of which the most famous is the BAD SOLUTION Park.

The Oxford TRIZ 'Bad Solutions' help everyone to uncover and understand the TRIZ contradictions, and also fosters a culture which encourages knowledge sharing and creative team building. TRIZ enthusiasts who have failed to use TRIZ or to embed TRIZ into their organisations hail Oxford TRIZ as revelatory and practical often saying -

"I now see how simple it all is .......
with Oxford TRIZ I can now always deliver TRIZ problem solving"

Clever Mini Solutions to beat monster problems

Oxford TRIZ arms your teams with all the clever, simple, low-cost solutions they need to beat MONSTER problems .... the big, apparently unbeatable problems that are casting shadows over your future progress.

Developed from 18 years of practical experience working with teams in global companies successfully developing and implementing TRIZ problem solving, Oxford TRIZ works in business, engineering and in R&D on all aspects of innovation, from idea generation of new concepts and products to IP and patents and tackling the most challenging, intractable issues. 

Oxford TRIZ - mini solutions beat monster problemsOxford TRIZ - David beats Goliath

Clear communication, and 'at a glance' understanding are fundamental approaches in Oxford Creativity (derived from the TRIZ principle of keeping everything as simple as possible) delivered by the hallmark commissioned cartoons (from Clive Goddard) - which are part of our philosophy of making every session effective, efficient and fun.

As most people find successfully solving difficult problems immensely satisfying and enjoyable it has resulted in Oxford TRIZ being famed not only for delivering results every time but also creating happy teams of confident and innovative problem solvers - and even changing the culture and motivation for innovation in major organisations.

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