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    Live Webinar:
    TRIZ & Trimming

    Wednesday 11 December 2019,
    2pm GMT

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    Live Webinar 


    30-45 minutes 

    Date and Location

    Wednesday 11 December 2019 
    2.00 pm GMT 

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    Karen Gadd


    Live webinar topic:

    TRIZ & Trimming - a festive webinar at  Christmas

    TRIZ even helps festivals like Christmas. 5 years ago, Karen Gadd vastly improved her Christmas experience when she TRIMMED out all its expense, and worry by applying the 6 TRIZ 'Trimming' Rules.

    Find out why all TRIZ problem solving begins by TRIMMING, guiding us to keep all good functions while eliminating all bad, expensive or harmful elements. The TRIZ TRIMMING Flowchart gives us simple, step by step rules for improving anything leading us to elegant, cost effective systems which deliver MORE not LESS by ensuring everything contributes to the important outcomes we are seeking. 

    What does this webinar deliver?

    • A brief introduction to the TRIZ tools and Processes.
    • Guide to TRIZ Trimming - for you to apply immediately to any issue
    • Opportunity to download the TRIZ TRIMMING FLOWCHART - a step by step guide
      Real life examples of its success
    • Simple and effective routes to sustainability
    • We show how TRIMMING helps any kind of problem and is the most fundamental of the TRIZ solutions forcing efficient mobilisation of resources and delivery sustainability to everything we do.
    • There will be plenty of time for Q & A about your own TRIZ journey

    Who should attend?

    • Everyone - we all need to TRIM
    • Those who need to reduce costs
    • Anyone seeking with an interest in sustainability and the urgent need to ‘save our planet’

    Each topic webinar runs for a total duration of 30-45 minutes. 

    Before attending the webinar, we advise viewing our Welcome to TRIZ video to give you a quick overview of TRIZ and the TRIZ tools and processes for innovative problem solving.

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