Advanced TRIZ

Oxford Creativity shows you how to be innovative and solve your problems systematically with TRIZ.  Advanced TRIZ participants learn to use all the tools and processes to create solutions for difficult problems.

Advanced TRIZ getting what you want

Advanced TRIZ: Day Four

The Whole TRIZ Process

  • Defining What we Want
  • TRIZ Algorithms for Defining and Solving Problems
  • Mapping your System and Identifying and Solving Problems
  • Application of the Whole TRIZ Process

R&D departments crystal ball method vs TRIZ trends ideas and innovation


  • Ideality – all the Benefits, Costs and Harms
  • Ideal Outcome / System
  • Understanding Requirements - Benefits
  • Selecting the Right Features to Deliver the Right Benefits
  • Systems Available to Deliver Benefits and Constraints


The TRIZ technique of the Ideal Outcome helps us break psychological inertia and define what we really want. We practice how to capture all the required benefits of our Ideal Solution, which is the first step in effective TRIZ problem solving, and ensures that we have defined what we want correctly.

TRIZ tools and processes - defining what you want and delivering the benefits


  • Uncovering potential harms or hazards
  • The OXFORD TRIZ Problem Solving Process

Thinking in Time and Scale together with other TRIZ Tools help us all achieve this same level of creative thinking.  The workshop features several exercises using this deceptively simple but powerful tool of 9 Boxes to help us both understand and solve problems. 

Thinking in Time and Scale 

Seeing the whole picture is essential for good problem solving. TRIZ offers simple and quick tools to map the context and environment, sort complex information to understand the relevant areas, and understand where and when problems occur.
  • Context of Problems and Systems in Time and Scale
  • Predicting the Future of your Industry and Company
  • Safety - Causes and Prevention of Hazards

We practice mapping the hazards which can combine to cause problems, and then map solutions which can prevent these problems occurring. We then build on this exercise with a further exercise mapping causes of problems and solving them using the Oxford Creativity Standard Solutions.

TRIZ champions - learning how to think in Time and Scale



Oxford Creativity has been working with creative teams and facilitating problem solving workshops for over 19 years, and have extensive hands-on practical experience of how to make the most effective use of your organisation’s most powerful resource – your people’s time, energy and cleverness.

To tackle difficult problems and generate creative solutions, you need not only a powerful toolkit and method like TRIZ, but often a facilitator to guide the process and ensure that everyone is working effectively together.

focus on:

  • fundamentals of creative teams
  • Hands-on experience in facilitating the use of individual TRIZ tools
  • Understanding role of the facilitator
  • Developing facilitation skills
  • Tips and techniques for encouraging everyone’s innovation

Participants learn:

  • How to prepare for and guide others through the successful application of TRIZ.
  • Tips and techniques for how to work more creatively in teams.

Application of the Whole TRIZ Process

The workshop takes a single problem and participants step through a number of different TRIZ tools to understand a problem, generate solutions and rank them.  The workshop brings the whole problem solving process together and consolidates the week's learning.

If you would like to book a place on a public workshop or are interested in running this workshop in-house, please contact Karen Gadd and the team at Oxford Creativity or make your booking online.

Facilitating TRIZ workshop

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