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Creativity in individuals and teams needs to be encouraged and fostered. We can show your team how to put into practice the best tools and behaviours to encourage creativity and innovation in themselves and others.

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There is a critical importance of idea sharing in teams to foster innovation and we introduce a number of techniques and tools to help everyone share their ideas and solutions and produce better new solutions by effectively working together.

We begin with an overview of the fundamentals of creative problem solving and innovative thinking. We talk about the psychological barriers to creative thinking and discuss the approaches we can take to overcome them.

You learn a suite of Creativity Tools designed to inspire clear thinking and generate creative thought, based on TRIZ, and learn how to use these tools in combination to solve problems. The workshop includes many exercises to help delegates learn these tools and put them into practice.

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What makes Innovative People and Innovative Companies?

Exercises and simple worksheets are used to explore, understand and apply innovation at a personal and company level.

This workshop can be combined with the Creative Team Building with KAI (below).

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Oxford Creativity can help make your team more effective, using KAI (Kirton Adaptive-Innovative). This is a short psychometric inventory, used in the context of a team-building day, which encourages everyone to work well together and realise the value of diversity within a team. We get your team working together and communicating more effectively, and everyone seeing how people's different innate approaches to problems are necessary and useful when tackling real, complex problems.

 We also show how TRIZ improves everybody's natural approach, and explain how KAI fits with TRIZ to promote stronger, more capable teams.

re-inventing the wheel with KAI

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