An Engineer's guide to Product Development, Patents & Intellectual Property with the IET



If you are curious about creating intellectual property but don’t know where to start, this workshop is for you! Oxford Creativity and IP Assets are delivering their successful TRIZ & IP workshop for the IET on how to make the best use of intellectual property to benefit your business. 

book your Engineers Guide to Product Development, Patents and IP with IET

    • The workshop will give attendees the right information and questions to start making the best use of the intellectual property they already have, and techniques to generate and capture more.
    • Attendees will learn what types of intellectual property are available and how IP could benefit their business
    • When and how to turn good engineering solutions into intellectual property – and match this to your corporate strategy
    • The TRIZ tools will give them:
      • Simple but powerful creativity tools to generate many more novel and inventive ideas (the first step in developing intellectual property)
      • Systematic thinking tools to help them develop robust patents which are hard to circumvent
      • Plan for the future of their products and intellectual property

    This workshop will introduce methods for generating clever ideas to generate new inventions, and then show how these ideas can be developed, protected, and the different strategies available to generate a business benefit.

     These benefits can be direct financial benefits (e.g. through schemes such as Patent Box, which allows companies to recoup money invested in R&D that has resulted in patents); or demonstrating value to shareholders and investors, as well as protecting their products from competition.

    If your work involves any element of new product development, design, understanding, using or writing patents or developing patent strategy, attendance on this workshop is essential.

Topics covered:

  • An introduction to the different kinds of intellectual property and how they can benefit your business;
  • Tips and tricks on how to read and understand patents quickly and clearly
  • Stepping through the patent application process;
  • What is TRIZ?
  •  How TRIZ can help you protect and strengthen your patents;
  •  Applying the Trends of Technical Evolution to develop a patent.

“TRIZ helps me to look in more areas of the solution space, areas that I may not have considered otherwise. This increases the likelihood of generating strong patentable ideas.”

Robin Kennea, Rolls-Royce


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