Think Like a Genius

Subdue Complexity



Before the day

We will be in touch to liaise about what you need from your TRIZkit workshop and agree a plan of how we deliver it for your team.

On the day

Depending on the length of TRIZkit workshop session you have booked, you will learn a range of powerful Oxford TRIZ tools and processes, which may include: 

  • Introduction to TRIZ Problem Solving Process & Concept-Idea Thinking
  • Intro to TRIZ 40 Principles
  • Psychological inertia & Creative thinking
  • Ideal Outcome
  • Ideality
  • Thinking in Time & Scale
  • 9 box solution Map
  • Introduction to Contradictions
  • Contradictions matrix
  • Introduction to Function Analysis & Standard Solutions
  • Introduction to Trimming, Resources & X-Factor
  • Function Thinking introduction

After the day

Material from the day will be captured and put into a draft report, which will include photographs. We will work with a nominated liaison at your organisation who will gain permissions and sense check before publication and sharing.

What we need

  • Oxford Creativity will bring all course materials, and additional items such as pens and post-it notes
  • We will need wall space, and/or lots of table space and flip-charts
  • We highly recommend photographing all the outputs, so we will ask all participants for their permission to be included images taken at the event


Register your interest here and we will contact you to discuss your requirements