In-house Oxford TRIZ Training

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Sample Agenda

In-house Oxford TRIZ learning workshops can be booked for one-day, 2-day or 3-day programmes.

Our workshops consist of a series of modules each with interactive exercises and case studies to illustrate and practice the TRIZ tools taught in each session. Clear and substantial materials are provided which aid understanding and learning both at the time, and later when TRIZ tools are being used on real problems.

Module One

This is an overview of all the TRIZ tools and the TRIZ processes for problem solving. It covers the logic of problem solving and begins by showing how traditional creativity tools simply help stimulate idea generation, whereas in TRIZ these initial ideas are just the first step of the process to find and develop powerful and relevant solutions. These unique TRIZ approaches help everyone maximise idea generation and find innovative solutions not just using their own knowledge, but also by efficiently accessing the world’s knowledge using the TRIZ Effects Database and following TRIZ logic. 

The TRIZ tools include:

  • Idea - Concept Theory for effective understanding and application of the TRIZ solution triggers using your own and the world’s knowledge
  • TRIZ Effects Database – powerful, free, immediately available resource to access the solutions you need from world’s patent databases to answer HOW TO problems
  • BAD Solution Parks – This unique Oxford Creativity Tool creates a culture of idea sharing and stimulation and is an essential component in effective TRIZ problem solving
  • TRIZ Resources for cost saving and Ideal Solutions – in both closed and open systems cleverly using available resources is the route to elegant, smart solutions and intelligent cost savings

The first morning covers a review of all the TRIZ tools and the TRIZ process for problem solving. A brief summary and explanation is given on how to use traditional creativity tools to stimulate idea generation, followed by the more powerful TRIZ approaches to maximising concept generation and innovative solutions to any problem.

Module Two

This covers contradictions: the unique beginnings of TRIZ in a Siberian Gulag, and show the extensive rang of the world’s patents uncovered by the one hundred or so TRIZ conceptual solutions. These TRIZ triggers help us all solve any problem and include the 40 Inventive Principles (the best known and a good starting point for tackling problems).TRIZ has two distinct toolkits for uncovering and resolving contradictions (getting everything we want) and both use the 40 Principles.  

  • Separating new Solutions from their Downsides: Overcome the problems of how a new Solution makes something else worse - use the TRIZ Contradiction Matrix to locate the relevant Inventive Principles to remove the consequent problem/harm 
  • Get opposite benefits by separating them in time, space, condition or scale. The relevant Inventive Principles are found using the Separation Rules – finding opposite benefits and/or functions/features at different times (Separate in Time=17 principles) or in different places (Separate in Space=12 principles)


Module Three

This introduces Thinking in Time & Scale for problem understanding, context and mapping in 9 boxes the full range of all potential solutions.

Module Four

This covers the Trends of Evolution which show the predictable patterns of how new products and processes evolve to the next generation (and far beyond). This is based on extensive patent analysis and is a powerful set of tools for product development, IP and patent portfolio protection.

Module Five

This includes the TRIZ tools for mapping and understanding systems to reveal essential problems ‘at a glance’ and showing the strengths and weaknesses through its functions. Using TRIZ Function Mapping for understanding, and then the TRIZ Trimming Rules for simplification delegates learn how to build function models in order to analyse, communicate and fundamentally improve and correct existing systems.

Module Six

This covers the unique and powerful Oxford Creativity Standard Solutions which show us how to correct the problems revealed by Function Mapping. These are perhaps the simplest and most powerful in the TRIZ Toolkit, and lend themselves to solving both technical and business problems. The Standard Solutions/Concept Triggers show us how to correct problem components and the interactions between them and   improve functions.  They give us the fundamental TRIZ ways of dealing with HARMS or problems (24 strategies) - reduce costs replacing inputs/costs with existing resources – and the 35 strategies for dealing with INSUFFICIENCY.


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