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Posted on April 20, 2016
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TRIZ complements and completes the power and efficacy of all other invention and innovation capabilities. Its unique solution concepts and fast problem solving routes offer useful additions to design methods, manufacturing toolkits and help anyone developing new products.

Oxford TRIZ vs Classical TRIZ


TRIZ Invention and Problem Solving Processes begin with brainstorming, keeping all its benefits, but take away any of its uncertainty or hit and miss approaches. TRIZ then takes us further to sure routes to invention and the development of new systems and processes, and most commonly the improvement of existing ones.

This certainty in the logic and rigour of TRIZ – which so far is the biggest study of creativity, innovation and human knowledge ever undertaken - condenses all published, on-line human cleverness and knowledge to 100 or so fundamental conceptual strategies. In addition, TRIZ has simple tools and processes to help everyone understand and communicate their problems, whilst thinking more clearly and innovatively and then to locate and adapt any existing answers or create new ones. 

TRIZ steps also help us to think the unthinkable in first capturing what everyone really wants and then finding the cleverest, and often the most sustainable ways of achieving this. Through these conceptual solution summaries and processes TRIZ offers all creative industries, science and engineering faster effectiveness and systematic innovation always achievable on demand.


Although Oxford TRIZ is true to Classical TRIZ and simply exposes its powerful logic (neither adding nor removing anything) it offers significant practical benefits as it is faster, simpler and more user friendly – easy to learn and also memorable.

Oxford TRIZ and why we need it

 Oxford TRIZ has a proven track record and has consistently helped wide ranging teams from many different industries to solve their own problems and to locate rapid, pragmatic, powerful solutions to all their challenges even when resolving their most difficult and apparently unsolvable problems.

Oxford TRIZ has been honed to deliver all the rigour of TRIZ, and offers just enough, sufficient TRIZ to solve each different type of problem, with a less theoretical approach than the typical long 80+ step algorithms of Classical TRIZ.  All its materials are illustrated with clear diagrams, commissioned cartoons and compact step-by-step TRIZ problem solving algorithms; its processes reveal and give explicit and clear explanations of the amazing TRIZ logic and power. (Often described by our customers as Tiny TRIZ tools to be used daily).

It’s clear thinking strategies show how to reveal, understand and match everyone’s real needs to the cleverest and often most cost effective systems giving everyone insights on what is achievable. TRIZ enthusiasts who have previously failed to use Classical TRIZ consistently, or to embed TRIZ into their organisations, hail Oxford TRIZ as revelatory and practical often saying - “I now see how simple it all is”.


Perhaps simplest and most widely adopted Oxford TRIZ tool is in the very first step of all problem solving - the BAD SOLUTION Park - implicit but never revealed in Classical TRIZ.

This simply requires everyone at the brainstorming stage to describe their ideas as ‘Bad Solutions’ – to help them see that there is something both good and bad in every idea (even their own).  

Oxford TRIZ bad solution park and communications

These Oxford TRIZ ‘Bad Solutions’ help everyone uncover and understand the TRIZ contradictions, and also fosters a culture which encourages knowledge sharing and creative team building - without anyone having to give a hard sell of why their idea is good, or allowing others derail energetic idea generation by criticising them.

Once everyone’s initial Bad Solutions are parked, the fundamental steps of TRIZ problem solving begins by uncovering everyone’s required benefits and then defining all the ways these might be achieved with the right functions, to be delivered by the best systems. Even when we have already have a system with problems – we can radically improve systems by examining and correcting the essential required functions – often with new functions added and anything unnecessary trimmed /subtracted until we have an elegant, minimal result which delivers everything needed. This fundamental relationship of ‘getting all the right benefits by ensuring we have all the right functions which are delivered by the right systems’ defines all processes for invention, design, engineering etc. but is often obscured by too many details in all the excellent literature and toolkits which exist to help us.

Science which gives us the how-to and why answers and is also fundamental to achieving better systems, resources, materials and processes also benefits from the TRIZ simplicity but in a different way to engineering and design.

Oxford TRIZ teams work with scientists, engineers, designers, innovators and problem solvers from all areas of life - universities and industry-  from medical devices to submarines, from new inventions to cost saving in local governments. 

No matter what kind of problem or challenge we show how to use TRIZ and follow its pragmatic routes to the best solutions. 

Brainstorming with Oxford TRIZ

We ensure that everyone learns how simple and straightforward it is to rapidly tackle even the hardest challenges, and when appropriate find innovation. 

Building on the amazing, clever and thorough work and research of the first sixty years of TRIZ in the twentieth century – Oxford TRIZ has been developed in the first 15 years of the 21st century through hands on practitioner experience in industry working with teams in global companies who successfully implement TRIZ problem solving and thinking.  

Oxford TRIZ in business, engineering and in R&D works on all aspects of innovation, from idea generation of new concepts and products to IP and patents and tackling the most challenging, intractable issues.  Oxford TRIZ teams can show how to complete other toolkits and innovations methods with TRIZ – working on anything from incremental to disruptive innovation ensuring that people learning to apply TRIZ can deliver every time.

Clear communication, and ‘at a glance’ understanding are fundamental approaches derived from the TRIZ principle of keeping everything as simple as possible.  delivered by the hallmark commissioned cartoons (from Clive Goddard) – which are part of our philosophy of making every session effective, efficient and fun.  As most people find successfully solving difficult problems immensely satisfying and enjoyable it has resulted in Oxford TRIZ known for not just for delivering results every time but also creating happy teams of confident and innovative problem solvers – and even changing the culture and motivation for innovation in major organisations.

Karen Gadd

TRIZ facilitator, trainer, author and Founder of Oxford Creativity - a TRIZ company based in Oxford, United Kingdom. www.triz.co.uk

Karen Gadd

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